Pursuing warranty claims can limit maintenance costs by providing restitution for repairs covered by the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Warranty policies vary in scope and the vehicle manufacturer, dealer or individual warranty providers are contacted by Alpine Express prior to repairing any components still covered under the policy.

The in-service date and mileage of each vehicle is recorded along with associated component warranty periods and contact information for warranty providers at time of vehicle delivery. Each time a repair
order is generated, the vehicle age and mileage is checked against the applicable warranty period to determine if parts and/or labor may be covered. If repairs are covered, Alpine Express maintenance staff contacts the manufacturer, dealer or warranty provider for authorization. The warranty provider advises Alpine Express as to whether parts will be supplied and labor reimbursed for in-house repairs, or whether the vehicle must be taken to an authorized service center.

In the case that a vehicle must be taken off site, GVRTA and Alpine Express determine whether warranty coverage at an outside service center is cost-effective, or not. If the time and mileage cost of transporting a vehicle to a distant location is comparably excessive, Alpine Express may choose to complete the repairs in-house and not seek warranty reimbursement for that specific repair or part. In such a situation, care is taken to ensure that performing such in-house repair does not void the warranty entirely.