Each bus is cleaned at regular intervals or more frequent, as necessary. Detail Technicians are responsible for cleaning each bus either before or after the usage cycle. Detail Technicians follow a checklist of inspection and maintenance items during each bus cleaning, assisting operators and the maintenance department by identifying and reporting any issues that arise before or after each usage cycle.

The duties required during bus cleaning include:

  • Wash vehicle exterior;
  • Sweep or vacuum seats, shampoo as necessary;
  • Sweep & mop floor;
  • Clean all interior windows;
  • Clean driver area (seat, dash, gauges, windshield, steering wheel, side panel, switches);
  • Clean grab rails and stanchions;
  • Check for trash in seat areas;
  • Check for lost and found;
  • Verify DEF level and fill, as necessary;
  • Check oil, coolant, power steering, and transmission fluid;
  • Check tire pressure;
  • Check fire extinguisher; and
  • Check safety equipment such as first aid and body fluid kit.

Operational or repair issues noted during cleaning and inspection procedures are submitted to the maintenance staff for evaluation and repair scheduling.