At the first indication of fire on the vehicle, proceed as follows:

  1. Stop the vehicle immediately, turn the engine off and open doors to discharge passengers.
  2. Ask the passengers to get off of the vehicle in an orderly manner. Their safety is your first concern.  Assist all frail or disabled passengers off the vehicle.  Have all passengers go to a location approximately 100 feet from the vehicle and have them stay together in a group.  Designate one passenger to be in charge of the others while you continue to evacuate.  Wheelchair-using clients may need to be removed from their chairs to evacuate quickly.
  3. Notify the dispatcher or supervisor as soon as possible giving the location of the vehicle and fire. If possible, attempt to control the fire using the extinguisher. If fire occurs in the engine compartment, do not open the hood to try to extinguish it. This could cause the fire to flash or increase.
  4. Follow the outline for accident reporting.