SUCAP defines an accident as an unexpected, unplanned occurrence that results in injury or harm to person, property or the environment. If your vehicle is involved in an event that causes injury and/or damage to anyone or anything, it is an accident.  If your vehicle is involved in an event that does not cause damage and/or injury to anyone or anything, but had the potential for doing so, this is an incident.  Failure to report any accident or incident may result in a corrective personnel action and/or termination at the supervisor’s/manager’s discretion.

  1. Accident, Preventable: When a person is injured and/or damage exceeds $300 to our vehicle and other property combined.
  2. Incident, Preventable: When damage is under $300 and no personal injury.
  3. Accident/Incident, Non-Preventable: When the driver is found to be in no way responsible and it could not be avoided in any way.