Drivers must utilize manufacturer suggested procedures for proper securement of wheelchairs to ensure the safety of all passengers and themselves.

  1. The driver shall ensure that any client not riding in a permanent fixed seat shall be in a wheelchair device and safely secured using existing clamp and/or floor mount securement devices in a way consistent with recognized securing standards.
  2. Wheelchairs shall be secured with 4-point tie downs or as many are standard for that particular tie down system, in any combination of straps and/or clamps.
  3. All wheelchair clients shall be secured in a forward facing manner. Side facing securement is prohibited.
  4. Power chairs and scooters are to be turned off during transport.
  5. Wheel brakes shall be engaged during transport.
  6. Wheelchairs that cannot be secured or are larger than maximum allowable standards (30” w X 48” l, and not over 600 pounds combined total weight) shall not be transported.