City of Cripple Creek wishes to provide quality customer service by adhering to published schedules as closely as possible. Our schedule is equivalent to giving our word to the community. Failure to be at published stops at listed times damages the city’s reputation. The City of Cripple Creek’s buses and the Logo are moving advertisements for the transit services, good and bad.

  1. Drivers must wear watches or carry a timepiece.
  2. Drivers should have a copy of the published schedule.
  3. Drivers must stop at every scheduled stop.
  4. Drivers must drive the route as scheduled.
  5. If a driver arrives at any scheduled stop early, the driver may not leave that stop before the scheduled departure time.
  6. Drivers will make diligent efforts to reach scheduled stops at the listed times.
  7. It is understood that from time to time circumstances beyond the driver’s control will cause delays.
  8. Drivers should obey posted speed limits and follow safe driving practices.