The safe operation of vehicles and the safe transportation of passengers is SUCAP’s first concern.

As a driver, you have a very important and responsible position at SUCAP.  Every minute that a vehicle is in operation, the safety and welfare of our passengers depends on your skill, knowledge and judgment.

SUCAP drivers are people who are willing to listen to a passenger’s concerns, people who not only deal with each passenger’s mobility challenges, but often take a few seconds to give assurance to the passenger as an individual. Equally important is the driver’s attitude. For example, senior and disabled individuals may have dealt with upsetting social prejudices. When a driver shows respect and concern, he/she creates a very comfortable and enjoyable environment for passengers. As a result, drivers enjoy many rewarding experiences with their passengers and passengers enjoy “visiting” with a driver they know and trust.

The following policies, along with a lot of teamwork, are necessary for smooth day-to-day operations. If each employee accepts total responsibility for their job and follows the policies and procedures, it will create a more enjoyable working atmosphere.

Note:      It is the drivers responsibility to keep their licenses and DOT physicals current. You will not be permitted to drive with either one expired.


Due Date Payment Responsibilities
CDL Class “B” License

Endorsement Class P2.

At employment /Upon renewal SUCAP pays training and test

Employee pays permit, final license, and renewal fees.

DOT Physical card (a CDL is not valid if not accompanied by a valid DOT card) At employment /Every 2 years SUCAP pays.
Current “clean” Driving Record
(less than 4 points within the last 2
years on a moving violation)
At employment

every year

Employee pays for pre-employment MVR

Employer pays for annual MVR

Defensive Driving Ongoing SUCAP pays employee time and course cost
Passenger Assistance Training Ongoing Employee is responsible for attending all in-house training and, any additional training deemed necessary

SUCAP pays employee time

Drug and/or Alcohol Screening Pre-employment
Post accident
For cause / suspicion
Return to Work
SUCAP pays
SUCAP pays
SUCAP pays
SUCAP pays
Employee Pays
Contact your supervisor for procedures on how to fulfill the above requirements.