Policy Procedure

Employee Concerns

Management at Steamboat Springs Transit strongly feels that all employees should have the opportunity to discuss any concerns.  The channels of communication are to be kept open and flexible.

               City Policy

               State Law

               Federal Law


  1. If an employee is concerned about his/her wages, personal problems, or working conditions, supervisors must know about the situation.  Address any concerns to your Supervisors, Operations Manager, Transit Manager, or Human Resources.  Communicate your problem to the proper person.  Discuss any problems as soon as they arise.  Go to the person you are comfortable going to.
  2. If you have a problem first try to discuss it with the person involved.  If this fails, a Supervisor will arbitrate and assist in finding a resolution.  If you find it difficult to discuss a problem with your Supervisor, feel free to discuss it with the Transit Manager, Operations Supervisor, Transit Manager, Public Works Director, or the HR manager.  Any concerns whereby an employee feels they are being harassed will be immediately forwarded to the Human Resources department.


Steamboat Springs Transit                                                                            Item (H)                                                                                         Date: 8/31/2018