This Cripple Creek Transit Service Policies and Operations Manual has been prepared to support and extend the information provided in the Cripple Creek Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual issued May 8, 2011, an employee manual providing a summary of some of the City’s guidelines.  The Transit Policies and Operations Manual focuses on guidelines specific to employees providing Cripple Creek Transit services.

The Transit Service Policies and Operations are provided to all transit staff.  These procedures are necessary for the smooth operation of service.  Guidance is provided in three areas.

  • Driver Operating Procedures expands on the safety and driving guidelines governing all Cripple Creek employees to address issues specific to transporting transit riders.
  • Passenger Policies provides guidance for expectation of rider behavior.
  • FTA/CDOT Regulatory Policies outlines compliance requirements associated with grant funding.

No employee handbook can anticipate every circumstance or question.  After reading the Manual, employees that have questions should talk with their immediate supervisor or the Human Resources Department.  In addition, the need may arise to change the guidelines described in the Manual.  The City, therefore, reserves the right to interpret them or the change them without prior notice.

As stated in the Cripple Creek Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, employment with the City of Cripple Creek is at-will. Employees have the right to end their work relationship with the City, with or without advance notice for any reason.  The City has the same right.  The language used in this Manual and any verbal statements made by the City are not intended to constitute a contract of employment, either express or implied; nor are they a guarantee of employment for specific duration.  No representative of the City of Cripple Creek, other than the City Council, has the authority to enter into an agreement of employment for any specified period and such agreement must be in writing, signed by the Mayor or City Administrator and the employee.