Policy Procedure
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
requires transit agencies to announce stops
on the bus and the train, as well as to identify
bus and train routes at stops that serve more
than one route.
  1. SST policy is more strict then ADA requirements.
  2. ADA requires transit agencies to announce stops, at least, at transfer
    points with other fixed routes, major intersections and destination points, intervals along a route sufficient to permit individuals who are blind or have vision impairments or other disabilities to be oriented to their location, and any requested stop.
  3.  Stop announcements must be made regardless of whether the driver sees a passenger with a disability.
  4. At stops that serve more than one route, the transit agency must provide a means by which an individual who is blind or has vision impairment or other disability can identify the proper vehicle to enter, or be identified to the vehicle operator as a person seeking a ride on a particular route.
  5. Both the route and the destination should be announced, so the rider with a disability can determine whether he or she is going in the correct
Federal Law Revised: 11/12/2014