Eating and drinking while driving may represent a distraction while operating a transit vehicle. In addition, the cleanliness of the vehicle is a reflection on the City of Cripple Creek.

  1. The driver may not eat or drink while the vehicle is in motion.
  2. The driver may drink non-alcoholic beverages (such as water, tea, coffee, and soda) and eat at the end of the trip and at layover points so long as the driver does not leave the layover point late as a result.
  3. The driver must properly secure food and beverage containers to ensure the safety of passengers, the driver, and other travelers on the road.
  4. The driver must properly dispose of all empty food and beverage containers at the end of each trip or at a layover point.
  5. If the driver must leave the vehicle to perform any of these functions, the vehicle must be turned off and locked while the driver is out of the vehicle.
  6. The driver must not leave passengers unattended in the vehicle.