PASS 7.0 Trainer Workshop

CTAA is offering several opportunities to become certified to trainer drivers in PASS 7.0 virtually this November and December. Visit the Virtual PASS 7.0 Trainer Workshop webpage for more information.


Current (PASS) Trainer certificate holders can recertify online by completing an online exam component or attend the full Train-the-Trainer course.  The recertification fee for the online renewal option is $75.00.  The PASS basic renewal nor wheelchair securement renewal will not change the trainer status because the trainer program superseded the driver program. the trainer must complete the trainer renewal program if he/she wishes to administer wheelchair training. However, if you no longer wish to be a trainer, you can certainly recertify as a driver and pay the required fee $35.00.  We would remove your trainer status to a driver status.

To begin your online registration, the trainee must register to recertify as a trainer directly on CTAA website. Once the trainee status is confirmed valid, the trainee will also receive the new 7.0 version of the trainer manual and online testing instructions via email within 48 hours.  The trainee will have 45 days to administer the exam online.  Upon completion, the certificate is emailed to the trainee, results are emailed directly to CTAA offices and the trainer status is re-certified for 3 years.

Click this link to pay with a credit card to begin your online recertification registration online, PASS Trainer Recertification Online_Recertification

To recertify by attending the virtual full Train-the-Trainer course option is $600. All upcoming train-the-trainer classes are virtual courses due to the pandemic.  The trainee can view our training calendar for dates at   Please keep in mind, all requests are subject to availability and may change at anytime.  If you need additional information on any of our other courses, email the training department directly at [email protected]

Looking for a PASS Trainer?

Have a look at our Certified PASS Trainer database to find a trainer to help train your drivers.