PASS 7.0 Update and Online Testing Webinar

CASTA has partnered with CTAA to bring you two webinars that will provide pertinent information about updates to PASS 7.0 for trainers. Please visit and review the PASS 7.0 Update and Online Testing Webinar webpage to get information on how to attend and watch the video of the complete webinar.


You can now order your PASS Driver materials directly from CTAA.

CTAA have two options to be certified in PASS 7.0 with wheelchair securement training. Please see below;

  • OPTION I – PASS driver 2 days in-classroom training requires one certificate to be certified in wheelchair
    securement training.

    • Two-Day in-classroom – CTAA standard driver training with sensitivity skills training on day 1 and wheelchair
      securement training on day 2 by a current certified PASS Trainer;
      (16 hrs. total training).  The trainee takes 50 question exam.
    • To order two-day Training Packets- Click Link PASS_Driver_Two-Day Training_Material_Order_Form_CASTA
  • OPTION II – (PASS) driver online training program; two- component program that requires two certificates to be
    certified in wheelchair securement training.

    • 1st component PASS Basic Online Training – The trainee completes a self-paced online training course in sensitivity skills training. The program has 7 modules, 18-50 min per module and a 10 question test at the end of each module (3 hrs).
    • 2nd component Wheelchair Training – It is mandatory the trainee attend a wheelchair securement classroom training by a current certified PASS Trainer (4hrs) and take a 10 question test exam.
    • To Request Access Codes PLUS Half-Day Training Packets – Click Link PASS_Online_plus_Driver_Half-Day Training_Order_Form_CASTA

Cost per certification packet

  • $30 per packet for CTAA individual or organizational members
  • $50 per packet for non-members

Costs for both options will be covered up front by CASTA. Once we have received confirmation from CTAA that courses have been ordered and certifications have been fulfilled, CASTA will send your agency an invoice for the the cost of the materials

If your agency does not have a certified PASS Trainer on staff, please go to or reach out to [email protected] to explore options to get your drivers trained.