The National Safety Council has changed the requirements for the Defensive Driving Trainer course beginning in 2019. Moving forward, there will no longer be in-person Defensive Driving Trainer training workshops. All Defensive Driving Trainer candidates will now be required to complete the online Defensive Driving Trainer online modules through the National Safety Council.***

The cost of the Defensive Driving Trainer online modules through the National Safety Council is $1600 per candidate for members. Because CASTA is a member of the National Safety Council, CASTA agency members are able to take advantage of this training.

To become a Defensive Driving Trainer Candidate please:

  1. Fill out the Defensive Driving Trainer Candidate Program application.
  2. CASTA staff will confirm with the trainee’s supervisor, explaining the price of $1600.
  3. Once verified, an invoice will be sent to the agency for payment.
  4. When payment is received, CASTA staff will register the trainee with the National Safety Council to complete the online modules.
  5. An email and course manual will be sent to the trainee from the National Safety Council upon completion of your registration.
  6. Trainee will then Complete the Online Course.

Once the trainee has completed the course, NSC will send a Defensive Driving Certified Trainer Card with the Trainer’s ID number. Please send CASTA a copy of your Trainer Card to complete the process.


Defensive Driving Certification Transition to 10th Ed

The National Safety Council is requiring all currently certified DDC Trainers complete a transition training to be certified to train the 10th Edition of the DDC 8/6 course.

If you need to look up you certification information, please use their look up webpage: They will no longer send Trainer Cards.

Defensive Driving Driver 8/6 Course

***The new DDC 10th Edition 8/6 manuals and certificates have gone up in price for 2019 from $3.90 to $6.59 each. If you need help coordinating or acquiring training materials for a Defensive Driving Driver course, please visit the Request Training Materials page or email [email protected]

NSC also provide an online option. Visit for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Parks | [email protected]