Thank you for your interest in the CASTA Defensive Driving Program (DDP) Master Instructor Certification. Master Instructors have the necessary experience, training, and professional investment to train other professionals to become certified DDTOC and MVDDC Instructors with CASTA in Colorado or other states requesting the training.

Currently, CASTA will allow other defensive driving trainer certification courses to qualify for the Master Instructor Certification. Trainers carrying current certifications as a trainer in the following defensive driving courses may qualify to become certified as CASTA DDP Master Instructor:

  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Certification 10th Edition
  • Smith System
  • CASTA Defensive Driving for Transit Operators Certification First Edition

Candidates for the CASTA DDP Master Instructor Certification must provide documentation of at least 2 years of Defensive Driving Trainer experience and 36 hours of Defensive Driving Trainer hours in the last 4 years. To meet these requirements, candidates must provide the following documentation:

  • Certificate or Card showing certification as a Defensive Driving Trainer for the last two years.
  • Rosters or other documentation that show you as the trainer for classes within the last four years that equal or exceed four Defensive Driving for Transit Operators Certification (DDTOC) courses.

If you are interested in becoming a DDTOC Master Instructor please email [email protected]