SRC Transportation Staff shall acquire authorization for purchases in accordance with the

  • Petty cash (under $100): Operations Manager or authorized staff member,
  • Products and services with a cost less than $3,000: CEO for unbudgeted items –
    budgeted items, the Transportation Director or authorized staff member
  • Products and services with cost between $3,000 and $50,000: Transportation Director
    with approval of the President/CEO
  • Products and services costing more than $50,000: President/CEO

SRC Transportation shall purchase products and services in accordance with the following

  • Micro-Purchases – Procurements less than or equal to $3,000:
    • Equitably distribute among qualified suppliers.
    • Document that the purchase was “fair and reasonable” with a description of how this
      determination was made.
  • Small Purchases – Procurements greater than $3,000 but less than $100,000:
    • Perform an independent cost estimate.
    • Avoid unreasonable qualifications, specifying brand, and geographic preference.
    • Obtain documented price or rate quotations from an adequate number of qualified
    • Follow SRC agency guidelines for multiple bids for items above $10,000.
    • Perform a cost or price analysis
  • Large Procurements –Procurements $100,000 or more (these seldom occur):
    • Formal bid process adhering to all FTA procurement requirements (including
      Buy America): RFI, RFP or Joint Procurement
    • Vehicles and equipment procurement will be publicly solicited and the vehicles
      and equipment specifications should follow the Full and Open Competition
      Principle and not restrict competition.
    • Perform an independent cost estimate for any non-commercial or custom

Most often occurring; whenever SRC is purchasing a vehicle using FTA funds, SRC will make
purchases using the CDOT determined contract with an approved vendor for the vehicle; in most
cases a Body-on-chassis bus under 30 feet in length. If no vehicle is available through the CDOT
contracted vendor, SRC will go out to bid for the vehicle.

Anytime FTA money is used, SRC will follow CDOT protocol to ensure all steps listed in
COTRAMS, the CDOT in line software used for vehicle procurement, as well as other CDOT
related activity. These steps include ICE, approval from CDOT, vehicle inspection, notice of an
approved vehicle inspection as well as a security agreement naming CDOT as the lien holder.

Generally, anytime SRC acquires a vehicle using private funds, the above steps will be followed
and the vehicle would be added to the fleet profile in COTRAMS. Vehicles acquired with private
funding will follow SRC procurement policies and involve multiple bids.

On the occasion a vehicle is donated to SRC. SRC only accepts donated vehicles if they can add
to the effectiveness of the fleet, have good maintenance records, reasonable mileage for the year
of the vehicle and would not require extensive repairs prior to use. The donated vehicle would be
added to the COTRAMS fleet profile.


Any bidder or contractor who is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a bid
or contracted products and services may file an appeal with Seniors Resource Center (SRC).
Bidders or contractors may submit an appeal of an award to the Director of Transportation in
accordance with the following procedure:

  1. Bidder or contractor shall submit an appeal no later than twenty (20) business days
    after notification of the bid award. Such appeals must be received by the Director of
    Transportation no later than 5:00 p.m. within twenty (20) days of notice of award
    postmark date.
  2. All appeals must be in writing and signed by the bidder or an authorized agent of the
  3. The appeal shall include the name and address of the bidder or contractor.
  4. The appeal shall include a detailed description of the facts and disagreement that form
    the basis of the bidder’s or contractor’s appeal and supporting documentation and the
    specific decision requested. The bidder or contractor shall also promptly provide any
    additional documentation related to the appeal upon request from the Director of
  5. After review of the protest between the CEO/President of SRC and the Director of
    SRC Transportation Services, the CEO/President of SRC, will provide the allegedly
    aggrieved bidder or contractor with a written final decision within twenty (20) business days after receipt of the appeal. Decision by the CEO/President of SRC is
    final. If additional time is mutually agreed on, the Director of Transportation shall
    notify the bidder or contractor of any delay.
  6. Failure to comply with the appeal procedure shall render an appeal untimely or
    inadequate and result in rejection by SRC.

Agreements between Seniors’ Resource Center and a contractor must include FTA third-party
clauses. See the Best Practices Procurement Manual and FTA Circular 4220.1F.