The purpose of these policies and procedures is to establish clear, consistent guidelines for the
investment of Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) financial assets. “Investment,” as used herein, means
the commitment of financial assets in order to gain a financial return.
This policy will:

• Establish reasonable expectations, objectives, and guidelines in the investment of
the SRC’s financial assets.
• Set forth an investment structure detailing permitted asset classes, normal
allocations, and permissible ranges of exposure for the various investments.
• Establish effective communication between SRC and investment professionals in the
event that such professionals are engaged by SRC.
• Create the framework for an asset mix that can be expected to generate acceptable
long-term returns at a level of risk suitable to SRC.

This policy is intended to be a summary of an investment philosophy that provides guidance for the
Finance Committee and investment professionals should they be utilized by the Committee.