As a SUCAP bus driver, you are a key person. Other people in the Transportation Division are here to support you with equipment, schedules and other services that will help you do your job well. As a driver you have more opportunities to make friends for SUCAP and  yourself than any official of the Company.

SUCAP is committed to serving the transportation-disadvantaged citizens of Durango, Cortez, Telluride, Montrose, Grand Junction and the surrounding areas by providing specialized transportation services which emphasize excellence of performance and which adhere to the principles of our mission:

Every day we carry passengers who have never ridden our vehicles. Many of these new customers will become regular riders, because of our high service standards. Most will continue to be riders only as long as they are satisfied with the quality of service we provide. In other words, you must be the public representative of our service. There are five things you must do to make your job pleasant and successful:

  • Present a pleasing appearance.
  • Be friendly, helpful and considerate to your passengers.
  • Operate your vehicle skillfully and safely, providing a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Use good mature judgment at all times.
  • Treat passengers as you would expect to be treated yourself.