1. First report of injury. Report all employee on-the-job injuries, including small cuts on fingers or sprains using a SUCAP first Report of Injury form.  Supervisors or the Transit Director will then complete a supervisor’s Employee Injury report.
  2. This report is required for any injury which receives medical attention. Worker’s Compensation paperwork will need to be filled out for an injury sustained by an employee while on the job. For any work-related injury, contact the supervisor on duty.
  3. Incident Report – This form is to be used to document anything that occurs during your shift that is out of the ordinary. Difficult passengers or problems that do not require any other paperwork would be included in these reports.  This is the form to use to report anything that might return to bother us later on.  This form is to be used in addition to a  report of a vehicular accident, property damage or personal injury.
  4. Exposure – Use the Risk Management Form to report any exposure to bodily fluids (blood, urine, vomit, feces) and what steps were followed in handling the fluid, incidents where skin is punctured by a syringe, toxic fumes are inhaled or contact has been made with hazardous liquids or