It is Village Shuttle’s policy that transit services are operated safely and to this end we ensure our
training program, service delivery protocols, maintenance, and supervision result in transit
services that are safe for riders, pedestrians, other drivers, and employees. Our policy
requirements include:

  • Providing safety-related training to drivers and other personnel, training to proficiency,
    and retraining as needed. In particular, this includes training in defensive driving
    techniques and in assisting passengers who have disabilities or use wheelchairs or other
    assistive devices. Training provision is documented and tracked by class and individual.
    Village Shuttle Policies and Procedures 41
  • Maintaining operating policies and procedures that result in safe transit services and a
    safe work environment for employees to include the prohibition of cell phone use (talk or
    text) while driving.
  • Providing on-going safety meetings for employees and adequate supervision and
    monitoring of employees to ensure that employees are following safe practices.
  • Having all vehicles pass an annual safety inspection.
  • Maintaining all safety-related records to include vehicle operator’s license and
    background check information; accidents, incidents, and injuries; training records;
    records of hours worked; and records of safety meetings. This data is reported as required
    by CDOT, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and other governing
  • Ensuring all transit buses are outfitted with appropriate safety equipment per CDOT/FTA
    requirements to include current: first-aid kits, blood borne pathogen kits, fire
    extinguishers, reflective triangles, fire blankets, working flashlight, reflective vests, and
    seat belt cutters. This equipment is checked as part of the pre-trip inspection protocol
    and inventoried at least annually.
  • Maintaining a call down list for all emergency situations.
  • Coordinating with the local police department on emergency preparedness for the
  • Listing Village Shuttle assets within the Pitkin County regional emergency preparedness
    plan for access during an emergency.

Crime Prevention Measures for Village Shuttle Property

All transit buses are locked in bus storage facilities either on Daly Lane or at Public Works location.
Security camera systems have been installed at the Daly Lane facility. The Daly Lane bus storage
facility also provides access to loading docks for other TOSV uses. As a security measure, Village
Shuttle maintains control of the freight elevator associated with this building and restricts use of
the elevator at the end of the business day.

All new transit buses taken into service now have security camera and surveillance equipment