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Southern Ute Community Action Programs (SUCAP)

Section 4 – Operating Vehicles on High Speed or Divided Highways

As vehicle operation on high speed or divided highway increases, the following list of rules will help the professional driver’s image and make your job easier:

  • Travel in the right lane ONLY unless you are passing another vehicle.
  • Maintain your “Space Cushion.”
  • Watch for motorists entering the roadway and adjust your speed up or down to assist them in merging in to traffic.
  • Obey the posted speed limits. Travel 5 mph below posted speed whenever possible.
  • Use a safe following distance at all times. (4 second rule) Govern speed accordingly. Maintain stopping distance between your vehicle and car ahead to avoid chain reaction collisions.
  • Avoid frequent lane changing. Plan ahead to be in the lane you will need to be in later. Do not weave from one traffic lane to another.
  • Maintain steady speed.
  • Keep eyes constantly on the move (far ahead, just ahead, left to right). This avoids fatigue and keeps you aware of other traffic.
  • If vehicle indicates some sort of trouble, take the first exit possible.
  • Do not straddle lane-dividing lines.
  • Watch particularly when entering expressway at ramp to be sure that the car ahead of you has proceeded.
  • Allow ample time and give proper signals when making turns, slowing down, changing lanes or making forced stops.
  • Keep the vehicle properly lighted. Run with lights on until one hour after sunrise and turn on one hour before sunset.
  • Make no sudden stops except in emergencies. In the event you must stop, observe traffic behind you and make sure it responds to your signal to slow down or stop.  Signal by use of brake lights, hazard lights, and if necessary, hand signals and remember to stop gradually.
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