The Village Shuttle Transportation Department is staffed by seven full-time employees: one (1) Transportation Director; one (1) Transportation Secretary; two (2) Transportation Supervisors; two (2) Transit Forepersons; and one (1) Facilities Maintenance staff member.

The Transportation Director is responsible for the general administration of the service program. The Supervisors are responsible for the management of the three divisions under the department covering bus service (Bus), parking administration (Parking), and the daily maintenance of the buildings and equipment operated by the department (Parcel C). The Forepersons are responsible for the daily oversight of scheduling and bus operations. They assign drivers to vehicles and routes and provide dispatch functions at the main transit facility. The Secretary is responsible for administrative duties relative to purchasing, accounting, and sales of permits and  bus passes. Transportation Forepersons Village Shuttle is also supported by other town departments, namely the Town Administrative Offices and Public Works Department.

The Finance Department is responsible for general accounting services and personnel/payroll  administration. This department also retains records in secure files for Village Shuttle’s Drug and  Alcohol Testing program.

The Town Manager’s office provides access to the Town Council which is the body governing our transit operations.

The Public Works department manages the Shop and Facility Maintenance divisions that provide repair and maintenance for Village Shuttle vehicles and facilities. We also coordinate with the  Road division for maintenance and on projects that may impact the Town’s right of way.