All major bus maintenance is the financial responsibility of GVRTA. GVRTA has the sole discretion to determine what repairs are to be made and who shall perform such repairs.

If GVRTA elects to have Alpine Express perform any such repairs, the contractor is paid its mechanic labor rate and the cost of parts. If the bus needs to be delivered to and/or retrieved from a location other
than a contractor owned or leased facility for repair, the contractor is compensated at the rate of $50.00 per hour of driving time for the delivery and retrieval of the bus. If the bus needs to be delivered to and retrieved from a location outside of Gunnison County, in addition to the hourly rate specified above, the contractor is reimbursed the costs of any necessary driver transportation, meals, and lodging.

Repairs may be needed for the following reasons:

  • Failures/defects found during pre-or post-trip inspections such as brake system, lighting/signal system, bad tires, or radio system;
  • Failures/defects found during PM inspections such as cracks in structure, failures detected in lighting/signals, wheelchair lift, or suspension system;
  • Vehicle in-service breakdown;
  • Collision occurring during service operations; or
  • Scheduled repairs/overhauls based on service intervals recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and/or industry best practices for the operating environment of the transit system, such as
    scheduled overhauls of the brake system, suspension system, steering system, or drive-line system.

As-needed repairs are also required when a vehicle encounters a failure that is discovered between scheduled PM maintenance cycles. All safety-critical repairs must be performed before allowing any bus
to enter passenger service. Safety-critical repairs may be noted in the remarks section of the DVIR. A driver may refuse an assigned vehicle or trade out a vehicle should they feel that the vehicle is unsafe or unsuitable for service. In the interest of public safety, all such requests will be handled immediately.

No vehicle shall be placed in service that:

  • Fails to meet the minimum requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Has a defect that would result in a breakdown;
  • Has an operating condition that renders the vehicle unsuitable for service;
  • Displays service indicator lights that may cause the vehicle to become inoperable; or
  • Has a lack of cleanliness that may pose a safety or health risk to drivers and/or passengers.