GVRTA and Alpine Express’s preventive maintenance and inspection program is critical to keeping vehicles in a safe, reliable, and functioning condition. The activities of the PM and inspection program include:

  • New bus delivery inspections;
  • Annual DOT inspections;
  • Bus operator pre-and post-trip inspections;
  • ADA equipment preventive maintenance program;
  • Periodic preventive maintenance inspection activities as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers and/or industry best practices for the operating environment; and
  • Vehicle component, destination sign, and surveillance equipment inspections.

Vehicle and component manufacturers prepare manuals that recommend maintenance practices and instructions for inspection, troubleshooting, overhaul, and repair and replacement of components. These manuals also define specific service intervals. Alpine Express and GVRTA preventive maintenance
inspections and services are designed to meet or exceed the minimum requirements recommended by the manufacturers, as services performed outside recommended guidelines may void warranty coverage and limit the useful service life of equipment.

*Manufacturers’ PM Requirements are provided in APPENDIX E.