The contractor, Alpine Express, operates a bus only maintenance facility in Gunnison. The facility is a six-bay shop with 8,750 square feet and two industrial wheel lifts that are capable of lifting transit buses from the floor, enabling maintenance technicians to raise either the front or rear of the bus. Heavy-duty jack stands are used to compliment the wheel lifts if elevating the entire bus is necessary. The contractor also has a storage bay in the north end of the valley (Riverland) to store one bus inside.

Alpine Express performs all vehicle preventative maintenance required under contract with GVRTA inhouse. Alpine Express maintenance staff dedicated to work on GVRTA buses includes six staff members, one lead mechanic, two maintenance technicians and three detail technicians.

The maintenance staff ensures that all vehicles are maintained according to the manufacturer recommended procedures documented in this plan and are required to comply with state, federal, safety, and EPA regulations.