You must turn in an Incident Report when


anything unusual happens


while vehicle is under your control.  Use incident reports for client injury, property damage occurring within the vehicle, loading or unloading, disruptive passengers, unusual circumstances while loading or unloading passengers, complaints, etc.  It is often a good idea to get passengers who are witnesses to the incident to fill out Courtesy Cards. The Incident Report must be filled out in ink. Submit the report and any Courtesy Cards at the end of the shift in which the incident occurred, unless otherwise advised by dispatch or administrative personnel. All accidents or personal injuries MUST be accompanied by an Incident Report.


When a passenger claims an injury, the driver treats the injury as an accident and follows all documented procedures. (Note: at no time admit liability or fault).


  • Bring vehicle to a safe stop if bus is in motion.
  • Assess medical needs.
  • Contact dispatch with basic information. Determine if ambulance or police response is necessary. Ask dispatch to call the passenger’s emergency contact if necessary.
  • Note on schedule all passengers on-board at the time of the incident (these riders will be interviewed later by the investigating staff).
  • Start filling out the incident report.