City of Cripple Creek staff shall operate lifts and ramps in accordance with the accepted practices as described in training materials, manufacturer manuals, and City of Cripple Creek Transit training to ensure safety of all involved.

  1. A driver who has not been trained on the proper usage of the wheelchair lift and/or ramp shall not operate this equipment with a passenger.
  2. Wheelchair passengers are encouraged to back on to the lift when boarding.
  3. The driver is responsible for ensuring that at no time shall the lift and/or ramp be operated by an untrained person or passenger.
  4. If a lift and/or ramp on a City of Cripple Creek bus are inoperable, the vehicle shall be removed from service to be repaired.
  5. The driver shall immediately report any situation in which a lift and/or ramp is not functioning properly to City of Cripple Creek management.
  6. The driver shall be familiar with all emergency procedures for the lift and/or ramp operation, including manual operation.
  7. All available and appropriate safety devices shall be used in the operation of a lift and/or ramp and none shall be overridden for ease or quickness.
  8. All safety guards, restraints, and barriers in existence shall be used during operation.
  9. Power chairs and scooters shall be turned to the “OFF” position once on the lift platform and while the lift is in operation.
  10. Any passenger requesting the use of the lift or ramp shall be accommodated.
  11. Standing on a lift is permitted but is discouraged.
  12. Grocery carts, strollers, and other items are prohibited on the lift during operation.