All drivers will turn in any items left behind in vehicles to the City of Cripple Creek Transit office where the items will be held for a period of six months.

  1. Drivers must report all items found to staff as soon as possible. Driver license must be turn into the Cripple Creek Police Department ASAP.
  2. All drivers must always complete a post-trip inspection of the vehicle.
  3. Articles left in the vehicles are to be turned in to the Fleet Shop office as soon as possible,
  4. The driver provide the following information for each item:
    1. Date item found
    2. Driver and, if applicable, route name
    3. Item description
    4. Any other pertinent information
  5. The item may be returned to the passenger after identification of the item.
  6. The passenger must sign indicating receipt of the item.
  7. Items not claimed after a six month period may be disposed of or given to charity.
  8. Drivers must notify management immediately if any weapons are found.
  9. Weapons are not to be touched.
  10. An incident report must be completed in the case of a weapon being found.