In Colorado, we can experience bad weather such as rain, ice and snowstorms.  Our service area has many very rural roads. The guidelines set forth in this policy are an attempt to safeguard our clients, passengers, drivers, or employees who may be at risk by traveling across any icy driveway or sidewalk to reach a City of Cripple Creek vehicle, or by traveling on an icy road or in other bad weather.

  1. If a shuttle driver feels the weather conditions have become too hazardous to drive, contact-immediate supervisor or to report road conditions for direction. Optional assignment may be made for the remainder of shift. (Working at other city offices, cleaning the shuttle interiors, etc.)
  2. The manager will notify the city offices of the service suspension. The shuttle driver will notify the public of the shuttle’s suspended service via voice mail notification on the shuttle cell phone.
  3. In the event the City Administrator or responsible department head deems it necessary to close the city offices, the shuttle service will remain closed until weather conditions improve.
  4. For Night and Weekend Shifts, contact immediate supervisor for directions. If supervisor unavailable, contact City Police for additional information.  If service shut down, modify voice mail message.