Currently GVRTA has four 40-foot ADA accessible transit buses and three 45-foot ADA accessible commuter coaches in the daily service fleet. These vehicles can carry 45-57 ambulatory passengers and
up to two (2) wheelchairs.

To start the ground transportation service, in 2007, GVRTA was provided a state funded grant (80% state share / 20% local share) to purchase four (4) Nabi/Bluebird model buses, which GVRTA is now slowly retiring out of the fleet. It should be noted that this model of bus is no longer produced.

A fifth bus was acquired in the fall of 2014 (purchased with local funds for $25,000) and was a used 2002 Nova bus. This bus was disposed of in the summer of 2017.

In 2016, GVRTA purchased two 45-foot commuter coaches from Motor Coach Industries (MCI). One bus purchase was funded with a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5311 grant from the
Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) (80% state share / 20% local share) as a fleet expansion project and the other was purchased with 100% local funding.

In 2017, GVRTA purchased an additional 45-foot commuter coach from MCI (CNG fueled) with local and DOLA funding (for the CNG engine cost increase) as a replacement for the 2002 Nova bus. Also in
2017, GVRTA was awarded a FTA Section 5339 grant from CDOT to purchase a 45-foot CNG-fueled commuter coach from MCI as a replacement for one of the four Nabi/Bluebird buses. That order will be placed in early 2018 for receipt in the fall of next year.

One Nabi/Bluebird bus unit originally purchased in 2007 is currently out of service and being used for parts primarily to keep the others running until replacement, but still kept as part of the active fleet. This is the unit that will be replaced the FTA Section 5339 grant MCI order in 2018.

The Nabi/Bluebird buses and MCI coaches are used full time during peak winter service. The MCI commuter coaches (which have a higher ambulatory passenger capacity) were acquired to support the
substantial increase in service GVRTA has provided since 2011 and to support the three remaining Nabi/Bluebird buses that are out for service regularly (on average one bus is down at least weekly for
several days in a given week) due to severe maintenance issues.

Due to service demand and frequent major maintenance needs, GVRTA has no true “spare” vehicle in the service fleet and has a 0% spare ratio.

See Appendix A for a full vehicle roster and replacement schedule