Piggybacking is an assignment of existing contract rights to purchase supplies, equipment or services.

Piggybacking is permissible when the solicitation document and resultant contract contain an assignability clause that provides for the assignment of all or a portion of the specified deliverables as originally advertised, completed, evaluated, and awarded. If the supplies were solicited, competed and awarded through the use of an indefinite-delivery-indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract, then both the solicitation and contract award must contain both a minimum and a maximum quantity that represents the reasonably foreseeable needs of the party(s) to the solicitation and contract. If the Gunnison Valley RTA and another party jointly solicit and award an IDIQ contract, then there must be a total minimum and maximum.

If the Gunnison Valley RTA desires to contract with another party on a Piggyback assignment, the option was must be requested in advance in writing and an approval letter for the Option received from the Contract Holder confirming the option assignment into the master file prior to the procurement advancing.