IFBs and RFPs must be publicly advertised and publicized (respectively) at least fourteen (14) days prior to the solicitation’s due date. A longer time period is suggested for larger, more complex procurements.

Outreach efforts must be made using diverse resources such as the Internet and mailing lists coupled with widely circulated publications.

IFBs must be issued with sufficient time to prepare bids prior to the date set for opening the bids. Further, the invitation for bids will include any specifications and pertinent attachments and shall properly define the items or services sought in order for the bidder to properly respond. RFPs must identify all evaluation factors along with their relative importance.4 The Purchasing Agent shall place copies of all advertising and publicized solicitation material in the related master file.

4 – While the IFB requirements of § 9.c.(2) are good practices for both IFBs and RFPs, the evaluation criteria requirement of §9.d.(1) is relevant only to RFPs and is discussed in Section 4.5.1, “Solicitation & Receipt of Proposals.”