Policy Procedure
All employees performing a safety sensitive
function must report to work fit for duty. The
supervisor on duty is to determine if the
employee is able to perform a safety sensitive
1. If an employee’s appearance or condition appears to adversely affect the
employee’s job‐related performance, the Supervisor may order the employee off
his or her scheduled shift.
2. The city manager may order an employee to undergo medical (physical or mental)
examinations or skill tests within a specified period of time. Professional
personnel acceptable to the City shall conduct medical examinations at City
3. Skill tests shall be conducted by Transit Staff or City of Steamboat Springs
designated personnel and shall be of a nature which can establish the employee’s
capacity to maintain acceptable standards of work output and quality. Upon
completion of the examinations and/or tests, the Supervisor shall review the
results, consult with the employee and make a written recommendation to the
Public Works Director. The recommendation may involve any of the following
actions: no change in employment status; temporary or permanent reassignment;
termination; various forms of leave; or continued employment on a conditional
City Policy, State Law, Federal Law Revised: 11/12/2014