Policy Procedure
The crew cars, shop truck, and the rock truck
belong to the city’s fleet department. SST does
not maintain these vehicles. Policies and
procedure for city car use fall under the PARM
(section 6.16 and 6.17) as well as the transit SOPs.
  1. Crew cars, not personal vehicles, will be used for all reliefs.
  2. Cell phone use while driving a city vehicle is not permitted.
  3. The crew car(s) is to be used to transport an operator(s) to and from the crew exchange point only.
  4. No crew car is to be used for personal business with the exception of drivers who may use the crew car for lunch with office permission only, for each specific instance. Supervisors on duty will need to know where the car is going. This use is not to exceed ½ hour. If a driver has permission to use the car for lunch it will only be to go to make a stop along the way to the TOC from where the crew change took place.
  5.  At times SST may request that a crew car be used to transport passengers. Otherwise, only city employees may be transported in the crew car.
  6. Please remove any belongings and/or trash when parking the crew car, and clean up any spills, or other mess that may have been created.
City Policy Revised: 10/27/2015