Policy Procedure
Due to the nature of our continuous operation
we can only allow a limited number of
employees to be on vacation at one time.
Vacation requests will be granted on a first
come, first serve basis.
  1. Quarterly bid sheets are issued (1) month prior to the quarter. Vacation time is granted in a Seniority basis for the quarterly bids.
  2. After the quarterly bid, vacation is granted on a first come first serve basis, pending prior requests and available help. Not all requests can be granted if staffing levels do not allow.
  3. The proper time off request forms need to be filled out completely and accurately for all instances when an employee will be away from work.
  4. All time off requests need to be approved before any employee can be absent from work.
  5. Please check with the supervisor on duty when leaving the office before your requested day off to ensure that your shift is covered.
  6. Compensatory Time (Comp Time) can be banked up to a maximum of 48 hours for overtime worked if the employee wishes to not be paid for overtime.
  7. Comp Time cannot be used in excess of 48 hours per year.
  8. Once Comp Time is depleted you can build the Comp Time Bank back up to 48 hours maximum at any time during the year (you cannot use more than 48 hours during the course of the year).
  9. Paid Time Off (PTO) is accrued on a bi‐weekly basis. See the PARM for current accrual rates and current maximum allowed accrual caps on hours.
  10.  The PTO bank encompasses both vacation and sick leave. If you do not have enough hours in your PTO bank the city manager has to sign off on your time off request.
  11. Continuous Operations employees do not recognize holidays the same as all other city employees. Due to the nature of transit and busy holiday rushes there are some blackout dates where vacation requests may not be approved. These blackout dates are essentially mandatory work days. A few holidays and special events are listed. See item D for more on Attendance.
    1. New Year’s Eve
    2. Winter Carnival
    3. Marathon
    4. Fourth of July
    5. Balloon Rodeo
  12. All city employees have a bank of holiday hours. Continuous operations employees will have the calendar year to use up their holiday bank. You cannot use more than 2 holidays per pay period.
  13. See the PARM for a list of holidays that are recognized by the city.
  14. See the PARM for all other city policies regarding Vacation, Sick Leave, and Holidays.
City Policy Revised: 11/05/2016