Policy Procedure
Compensatory Time, and  Paid Time Off (PTO)

Due to the nature of our continuous operation we can only allow a limited number of employees to be on vacation at one time.

SST will make a determination of how many employees can be off on a given day/week for the year at the start of the vacation bid time.  SST will not detract from an employee’s ability to take vacation based on any medical leave or worker’s comp cases.  The number of employees allowed to be off at the same time will vary based on annual budgets set by city council.



























City Policy 

State Law

Federal Law

  1.  Requests for days off will be bid out in seniority order, during the fall, for the entire upcoming calendar year.  After 2 cycles of seniority order bids, time off will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  For this, each employee may turn in no more than 1 request per week.
  2.  All employees will fill out time off requests for approval.  The drivers time off will be approved by the Administrative Assistant, and all supervisor time off will be approved by the Operations Supervisor.
  3.  All time off requests must be approved, in writing, prior to the time off being effective.  All parties must sign the agreed upon time off request before the employee requesting time off is relieved of his/her responsibility for the shift.  The only exception is in case of a family emergency.  Any employee failing to do so is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
  4.  The proper time off request forms need to be filled out completely and accurately for all instances when an employee will be away from work.
  5.  Please check with the supervisor on duty when leaving the office before your requested day off to ensure that your shift is covered.
  6.  Compensatory Time (Comp Time) is earned by working overtime and not taking it for pay.  It can be banked up to a maximum of 48 hours.
  7. Comp Time cannot be used in excess of 48 hours per year.
  8. Once Comp Time is depleted you can build the Comp Time Bank back up to 48 hours maximum at any time during the year (you cannot use more than 48 hours during the course of the year).
  9. Paid Time Off (PTO) is accrued on a bi-weekly basis.  See the city employee handbook for current accrual rates and current maximum allowed accrual caps on hours.
  10. The PTO bank encompasses both vacation and sick leave.  If you do not have enough hours in your PTO bank the city manager has to sign off on your time off request.   Full time employees who receive paid time off are required to monitor their own bank to maintain an adequate reserve of time off.  It is strongly advised that at least 2 weeks are kept in reserve for unforeseen events.
  11. All city employees have a bank of holiday hours.  Continuous operations employees will have the calendar year to use up their holiday bank.  Usage of holiday hours should resemble the same usage as other city employees, such as at mid-year you should be at 50% of holiday time used.  Usage of holiday hours at a rate faster than regular city employees must be approved by the transit manager.
  12. See the city employee handbook for a list of holidays that are recognized by the city.
  13. See the city employee handbook for all other city policies regarding Vacation, Sick Leave, and Holidays.
  14. Drivers and Supervisors already assigned shifts on New Year’s Eve, Winter Carnival week and the July 4th weekend will be required to help with the excess load that is expected.  You may have to work longer than your normal shift.  Drivers will not exceed the DOT allowable service time requirements.
  15. There are holidays and special events in which SST will be utilizing extra buses to move the larger crowds around town.  These events and holidays are ‘blackout’ dates and therefore mandatory work days for all SST staff, even if they fall on your normal day off.  Time off requests may not be accepted during these times.
    1. Spring and Fall Return Driver Training
    2. New Year’s Eve
    3. Winter Wondergrass
    4. Winter Carnival
    5. Steamboat Springs Marathon
    6. 4th of July
    7. Balloon Rodeo