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Cripple Creek Transit

Chapter 5: Acknowledgement of Receipt


I have received a copy of the Transit Policies and Operations Manual dated May 30th, 2013.  I understand that I am to become familiar with its contents, further I understand:

Employment with the City of Cripple Creek is at-will.  I have the right to end my work relationship with the City of Cripple Creek, with or without advance notice for any reason.  The City of Cripple Creek has the same right.

The language used in the handbook and any verbal statements of management are not intended to constitute a contract of employment, either express or implied, nor are they a guarantee of employment for a specific duration.

This Manual is to supplement the City of Cripple Creek Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual adopted May 30,2013 and is not all inclusive, but is intended to provide with a summary of some of the city’s guidelines.  The City of Cripple Creek reserves the right to interpret these guidelines or to change them without prior notice.

No representative of the City of Cripple, other than the City Council, has the authority to enter into an agreement of employment for any specified period and such agreement must be in writing, signed by the Mayor or city Administrator and myself.  We have not entered into such an agreement.


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