Initial Email:

Gunnison Valley RTA is starting to get requests for bike racks on their buses that fit wider (and taller) bike tires. Does anyone have a solution or a recommendation for a rack that might work for the newer configurations of mountain bikes?

Responses (x4):

Mike Christenson, Lakewood

RFTA uses the SportWorks Apex3 bike rack. This rack is rated up to 75 lbs per bike tray and can accommodate the weight of most newer e-bikes. That spec was updated recently, after the updated weight rating RFTA removed our e-bike ban on our racks. There is also an option to add trays for fat bike tires, RFTA currently does not offer a fat tire tray on our Apex 3 rack.

Here is the link to the rack RFTA uses, hope this helps.

Apex 3™ | Sportworks — Sportworks

Jonathan Flint, Steamboat Springs

We use the Sportworks Apex 3 and they have fat tire racks.

David Averill, SMART

Sportworks is making racks that have a tray wide enough for a fatbike (5 inch wide) tire now … not sure about the tall part but our customers are at least able to get their tires in the tray securely with the new wider trays.

Alex Hyde-Wright, Boulder County

I don’t have any direct experience with this product, but I believe this may be what you’re looking for.