Initial Email:

Lake County is looking for resources that might be helpful for their local transit implementation. They’ve been successful in starting a local route, and are looking for example job descriptions for a transit coordinator.

Responses (x2):

Beth Luther, Clear Creek County Government

Transit Supervisor 2021

Samantha Hughes, UAACOG

Below is my job description. You might get a weird letter or symbol here and there, we had to convert a printed doc to word. I took out our agency specific details. I’d love to chat if it would help you!

Transportation Coordinator:

Complete the 5311 application every year, complete yearly budget, and application update. Complete Capital applications for Buses/ Vehicles as requested by sub-recipients. Be familiar with FTA rules and regulations. Review expenses of sub-recipients for accuracy and eligible expenses. Coordinates and conducts oversight, include contracting with sub-recipients, site visits, monitoring, and file documentation. Track expenses, ridership data and in-kind. Complete monthly reimbursement reports and entry into CDOT’s COTRAM system. Retrieval of month end reports generated in ___ to complete monthly reimbursement requests. Responsible for submitting backup documentation, as required by the funder, via the web portal. Complete yearly Drug & Alcohol and NTD reports at the FTA website. Complete quarterly and annual DBE report through CDOT COTRAMS, and complete other reports required. Acts as a liaison between CDOT personnel and sub-recipients. Attend the CASTA fall conference and attend CDOT workshops, meetings, and monthly webinars. Update Title VI and LEP Plan annually, submit to CDOT and ensure sub-recipients are complying. Attend statewide conferences and trainings. Post Transportation program reports to the agency website.

Organize and attend meetings for Local Coordination Council (LLC) and Transportation Planning Region ( TPR), take minutes and submit reimbursement request for expenses incurred to CDOT.