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Ask-A -Transit Expert

Ask – A – Transit Expert: RFPs

Initial Email:

Hello Transit Experts,
I hope you are all doing well! We have a question from Sarah Curtis at All Points Transit.
She writes: “Wondering if you all have any sample RFPs on file for scheduling and dispatch software?”
If you would like to share a sample RFP or your advice with Sarah, you can email her directly atscurtis@allpointstransit.org. Also, in our effort to provide a robust Transit Resource Library, I ask that if you are willing to share your RFP with Sarah to please copy ivyc@coloradotransit.com on your email so I may add it to the Library.
CASTA is collecting RFP’s for various situations; please feel free to send Ivy additional past and present RFPs.

Responses (x1):

Sherry Ellebracht, RTD

RFP Example



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