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Considering becoming a CASTA member? Read on to learn about CASTA’s 2015 accomplishments.

In 2015, CASTA maintained healthy organizational practices, built on our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source of information and transit policy, and provided extensive training for transit professionals.

  • Thorough in person advocating and careful coalition work, CASTA’s two ‘asks’ made it into the Senate reauthorization bill:
    • Increase discretionary funding for Bus and Bus Facility
    • Expanded eligibility for BRT projects
  • Partnered with RTD and CDOT to facilitate 6 Stand Up 4Transportation events around the state: Durango, Denver, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
  • Completed first annual State of Transit for distribution to legislators, federal and state staff, and other transit stakeholders .
  • Laid groundwork for four pieces of state legislation/rulemaking:
    • 6-month temporary sticker for CDL
    • Ability for local agencies to fill in service gaps of NEMT contractors/Rate Equity
    • Extend/end sunset on property tax authority for Regional Transportation Authorities.
    • Tougher enforcement on Yield to Bus (YTB) law.
  • Provided logistical support for the National RTAP Technical Assistance Conference, October 27-30, 2015 in Denver.
  • Met with CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt three times with CASTA board members to streamline the CDOT contracting process. As of December 1, 2015, CDOT anticipates having all 2016 operating contracts completed by the end of the year.
  • Provided training for more than 570 transit professionals.
  • Hosted largest Transit conference in CASTA’s history—288 attendees!
  • Finally, you can rest assured that CASTA is a financially sound organization. We had no findings in the 2014 audit, we hired a bookkeeper, and maintained a rainy day fund.

The CASTA Board of Directors has put together an ambitious work plan for 2016, including a training program that seeks to re-define the transit employment opportunities, exploratory efforts on transit funding, and of course, the high-quality and timely training, advocacy and member services you appreciate.

We hope that our past accomplishments and goals for 2018 are beneficial for you and your agency, and that you consider becoming a CASTA member. We cannot accomplish anything without your support.

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