Covid-19 Signage and Social Media Content

In response to agency requests and the latest COVID-19 mandatory guidance put out by the State of Colorado for transit operators CASTA is pleased to offer this tool kit of transit signage. This tool kit was paid for by Colorado RTAP funds and is free for use by Colorado transit agencies.

The kit includes two versions of signage with the same messages, one with a focus on bold colors and icons and a second one with a mountain background and icons. The signage is printable on your office printer but is also provided in high enough resolution that you can send it to a professional printer and use it for larger formats.

The kit includes:

  • Signage with key themes like wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing on buses and while waiting for buses.
  • A vehicle capacity sign in each design that can be tailored in Word to designate your agency’s current vehicle capacity.
  • We have also put together social media posts and “videos” that are ready to be posted to Facebook and Instagram in both designs for your agency to use to get the messages out to your community and visitors. Feel free to share these messages with your towns, visitor centers, and resorts so they can share the message on their social media as well.

Studio Six has provided a Content Overview that showcases the various signage, poster and social media content. All the content is downloadable in either GIF, PDF, jpeg or word format. When you click on a link below you will be taken to a Google Doc folder managed by CASTA. You can download the content to your computer by right clicking on the folder or file and selecting download.

We now have version in Spanish! You can click on the button below to find the Spanish versions of the media you are looking for. You can also access the CASTA Covid-19 Signage Campaign folder to peruse both English and Spanish versions.

Covid-19 Signage Toolkit

CASTA’s paper Considerations for the Safe Lifting of Transit Capacity Restrictions out of Operational Necessity in the Times of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic “outlines the research that shows that transit is a safe option for the public when transit agencies incorporate mitigation efforts and develop capacity restrictions that follow the CDPHE’s COVID-19 dial dashboard. Based on evidence stated included, this paper supports the argument that transit is not a particularly dangerous space, and that lifting capacity restrictions (in the event that this becomes an operational necessity) can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis without the undertaking of undue risk.”


Some the files provided above are in a customizable formate like Word. However, you may want some additional customization and do not have the staff or the printer relationship to get to your vision. This is why we have partnered with Artist Proof Collective to provide a deeper and more personalized customization opportunity. They have the ability to print beyond the paper format and provide decals and other mediums. You can view all their options at their CASTA-exclusive store

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joe Southern at Artist Proof Collective directly.

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