Driver Protection Shields

Davey Coach

Davey Coach is currently offering installation packages either at Davey Coach or at agencies via our mobile service truck. We are offering easy-install kits in the coming days as well. Some agencies may need to send us a couple of measurements in order to make sure we get them the correct installation, but we can help them with that. These installs do very little in the actual scarring of the bus in case they need to be removed at a later date.

Members are encouraged to call the number or visit the link at the bottom of the flyer to get pricing and set up appointments with our team!

Professional Plastics (used by Eva Wilson)


  • 303-781-1171
  • Located in Englewood, ships through FedEx and one day delivery for the state if it’s too big to go by FedEx
Installation Contractor-She has been installing shields in businesses and is available for work in case your maintenance team is on furlough
Leane Mahanky-located in Denver but can travel

Greeley Evans Transit

Darren Davis and the Greeley Evans Transit team have worked with a local manufacturing company to come up with a quick cough and sneeze shield for their Bus Operators that is made out of plexiglass. They were kind enough to share their work in case other agencies wanted to get their own shields made.
Greeley’s goal with these shields is to slow the COVID 19 spread, they realize it is not an air tight seal between passengers and drivers. The shields are intended to provide some protection for the driver from water droplets from a passenger coughing or sneezing.
They have worked out designs for larger cutaways with two doors, paratransit vans with a single door and handle door opener, paratransit vans with a single electric door, and are working on designs for 35ft and 40 ft Gillig buses.
Contact Darren Davis, GET Transit Manager at 970-350-9281 or at with any questions or for more information.

Mountain Metropolitan

Mountain Metro’s plan to protect drivers from Coronavirus exposure is to have a barrier between them and boarding passengers and to have them wear N95 masks.  The interim barrier will be a plastic curtain that goes from ceiling to floor (see attached photos).  We’ve ordered plastic shields from Gillig that will arrive in about 5 weeks that will be a more permanent solution.

Drivers are directed to have the curtain closed during the boarding process, and to pull the curtain back so they can clearly see their right-hand mirror once the bus is in motion.  For the curtains, we had our maintenance folks install the cable at the top first (which took a few days with 61 buses).   We hung all the curtains in one night.

Colorado Yurt Company

Driver Sneezeguards– Many agencies are in the process of putting some type of sneeze guard in place.  For those of you considering plexiglass dividers here are some costs to give you a feel for what to expect:

  • Mountain Metro ordered their plexy sneeze guards from Gillig and they are running $1,200-$1,250 per bus
  • Durango Transit used one sheet of Lexan polycarbonate and with tools and installation materials it ended up costing $325 per bus
  • Transfort used Fort Collins Plastics to make guards for their smaller cutaways and it cost $260.55 per bus
  • Avon reports a cost of $150 per bus including installation materials.
  •  Telluride Express is using a heavy-duty vinyl barrier from Colorado Yurt Company:

Heavy-Duty Clear Vinyl Barrier Curtains for Buses, Shuttles and Other Vehicles (Official Name and Trademarks Pending)

Made from 2ml, flexible clear vinyl with industrial hook and loop tabs to attach to vehicle wall or posts. Extremely durable, crystal clear, and easy to install.


4’6″ x 6’3″ or 2’6″ x 6’3″.

Mix and match to enclose a variety of spaces.

$59.99 each

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Sardo Protective Shields

Sardo Social Distancing Bands

Creative Bus Sales

The attached information explains how the AeroClave Process works and also the equipment description and pricing for each component.  Also attached is the Driver Protection barrier info.

Contact Mike Akers at if you have further questions.

Masters Transportation

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