Driver Recertification

PASS 7.0 Driver Course

The trainee must have attended in person the (PASS) Driver certification for the 2-day classroom training OR the PASS basic online plus Lift Operating Procedures, Wheelchair and Occupant Securement (Hands On) Training.

To recertify, you have two options.  You can either have the driver take a refresher course in the classroom.  Or, you can have your drivers complete the renewal online. CTAA does ask that if you’re going to select the online component that you trainer feels “confident” these drivers have not had any issues, accidents or otherwise problems; and you are ok with drivers viewing an online component versus having to attend a refresher in person.

OPTION I – Full Driver Wheelchair Securement Renewal ( Classroom format)

The trainee recertify by attending wheelchair training in our standard driver training, drivers attend training in the classroom format in sensitivity skills training and wheelchair securement training.  The trainer administers 50 question exam.  The trainer would forward original exams back to CTAA offices for grading and validation.  If the driver passes, the driver receives a driver certificate in wheelchair securement training within 2 weeks; and the trainee is re-certified for 2 years.

Order Materials for in-Person Training


Option 2- Full Driver Wheelchair Securement Renewal (All Online) 

A driver can recertify by completing the sensitivity training and the wheelchair securement training in an online component directly on the online course website. The program has 8 modules, 18-50 min per module and a 10 question test at the end of each module (4-5 hrs).  Upon completion of all modules, the trainee passes and receives a printable Full Driver certificate in wheelchair training that will include a certificate number;  Upon completion, the trainee can print his/her personalized certificate and the trainee results can be sent directly to the provider.  Results are emailed directly to CTAA offices (NO submittal to CTAA office) and the trainee is re-certified for 2 years.

CASTA Members will need to follow-up directly with CASTA regarding fees and payments. Please email for more information. You can also reach out to Stephanee Smith at

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