PASS Driver Certification Training

In-Person Training

In this format, the PASS Trainer conducts the full two day PASS driver certification training. Materials for the two-day driver certification training include the driver training manual, test booklet, test answer sheet and evaluation form. The manual becomes the property of the trainee. Trainers are asked to make copies of the answer sheets and evaluation forms for his/her own records and must forward the originals to:

Community Transportation Association of America
1341 G Street NW
Suite 250
Washington, DC 20005
Attn: Stephanee Smith

Tests are graded at CTAA offices and certificates are mailed within thirty days of receipt.


You can now order your PASS Driver materials directly from CTAA. Please visit the Order Form to request your materials. CASTA will send you an invoice to pay for the materials within two weeks of the order. If you need an invoice sooner, please send your order confirmation to for assistance.

Cost per certification packet

  • $30 per packet for CTAA individual or organizational members
  • $50 per packet for non-members

Online PASS 7.0 Driver Training

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Driver Recertification Information

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