Defensive Driving Trainer Candidate Program

The National Safety Council has changed the requirements for the Defensive Driving Trainer course beginning in 2019. Moving forward, there will no longer be in-person Defensive Driving Trainer training workshops. All Defensive Driving Trainer candidates will now be required to complete the online Defensive Driving Trainer online modules through the National Safety Council.***

To assist agencies in Colorado, CASTA will provide funding opportunities to RTAP eligible agencies through the RTAP scholarship for Defensive Driving Trainer candidates. Non-RTAP eligible agencies are still encouraged to submit applications for defensive driving trainer candidates. However, RTAP scholarship funding may not be available.

The cost of the Defensive Driving Trainer online modules through the National Safety Council is $599 per candidate for members. Because CASTA is a member of the National Safety Council, CASTA agency members are able to take advantage of this training.

To become a Defensive Driving Trainer Candidate please:

  1. Fill out the Defensive Driving Trainer Candidate Program application.
  2. Fill out an RTAP Scholarship Application if your agency is RTAP eligible. Be sure to tell us that you are applying for the Defensive Driving Trainer online modules in your application under Event Title.
  3. CASTA staff will register you with the National Safety Council to complete the online  modules.
  4. An email and course manual will be sent to you from the National Safety Council upon completion of your registration.
  5. Complete the Online Course

Once you have completed the course, NSC will send you a Defensive Driving Certified Trainer Card with your Trainer ID. Please send CASTA a copy of your Trainer Card to complete the process. Once we receive your Trainer Card, we can reimburse you for the Online Training course. Reimbursements will not be sent until we receive the Trainer Card.


The recertification process for currently Certified Defensive Driving trainers has not changed.  CASTA will continue to administer and provide support for recertifying current defensive driving trainers.

Continuing Education

All new defensive driving trainers are encouraged to attend the training seminar within one (1) year of completing the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Trainer online modules. Training seminars are held every year at the CASTA spring conference.

Defensive Driving Driver Course

***Nothing has changed with the Defensive Driving Driver course. If you need help coordinating or acquiring training materials for a Defensive Driving Driver course, please visit the Request Training Materials page or email

If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Parks |