The Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA) is working in collaboration with Propel Change Global to provide the CASTA LEAD Academy. This premier leadership program will provide Fellows with world-class leadership skills and the professional foundation necessary to lead the transit industry into the future.

This five month program will include two (2) all-day sessions and nine (9) 2-hour zoom sessions that will include both a leadership topic and transit industry topic with shared experiences from established leaders from the Colorado transit industry. The program will provide Fellows with personalized coaching sessions, and a personal leadership evaluation. Additionally, supervisors of the Fellows will receive feedback at various points during the program.

Leaning on industry titans such as current Directors and CEOs, the program objective is to provide Fellows with real-world skills to ensure their professional success while providing the industry as a whole with talented leaders for the future.

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Date Activity / Session
  • January 4-6
Individual – Forte Readbacks (Session 1)
  • January 12 – 13
In person session – all participants

CASTA Offices in Denver, CO

  • Day 1: ½ day – lunch / session – end at 5
  • Day 1: evening reception / fun
  • Day 2: breakfast + session – end at noon
  • Topics:
    • Manager vs. Leader
    • PathFinders – Know Where You’re Going and Get There Faster
    • Transition from Peer to Leader
    • HOMAR – 5 secrets to High Performance Teams
  • January 18
Zoom meeting 1: “Becoming More Self-Aware
  • February 1
Zoom meeting 2: “Responsibility and Accountability
  • February 8 – 13
Individual – Forte Readbacks / Coaching with both participants and supervisors; then provide Interaction Reports for each (Session 2)
  • February 15
Zoom meeting 3: “Change Part 1: Love it? Hate it? Reasons People Don’t Want to Change and What to do About It
  • March 1
Zoom meeting 4: “Change Part 2: Steps to Get Your Change Adopted
  • March 7 – 12
  • Individual check in with each supervisor
  • Individual – Forte Readbacks / Coaching (Session 3)
  • March 16
Zoom meeting 5: “10 Steps to Effective Listening”
  • April 5
Zoom meeting 6:  “Giving / Receiving Feedback – It Is Easier Than You Think”
  • April 12 – 17
Individual – Forte Readbacks / Coaching (Session 4)
  • April 19
Zoom meeting 7:  5 Secrets to Meetings That Work Every Time
  • April 26
Zoom meeting 8: “The Lens…Looking Through the Eyes of Others in Order to Exceed their Expectations
  • May 3
Zoom meeting 9:  “Delegation – 4 Steps for Delegating AND Getting the Results You Want
  • May 9 – 10
In Person Final Meeting – all participants/Graduation

Spring Conference in Colorado, Springs

  • Reception on May 9th
  • 2 hr session May 10th at 10:00 AM (“Sustaining the Change”)
  • 1 hr graduation luncheon May 10th at 12:00 PM – Directors, Supervisors, Executive Summit, Emerging Leaders Network invited
  • May 16 – 21
Forte – Final Assessment and Closeout (Session 5)


The program is designed for Transit Professionals who desire to deepen their understanding of the skills and experience needed to build and enhance their professional leadership skills. Employees of transit agencies are eligible and do not need to be a member of CASTA to participate.


$1500 per Fellow

RTAP Scholarship funding is available to cover costs for eligible participants. The scholarship application can be found here.


Application Timeline:

  • November 1 – Fellow Application Opens
  • November 15 – Application Closes
  • November 16–24 – CASTA evaluates applications
  • November 30 – Acceptance Notification Sent
  • December 7 – Fellow and Supervisor Orientation Meeting via Zoom

How to Apply:

Applicants will be asked to fill out an application which will include:
– Letter of Interest
– Current Resume
– Supervisor Endorsement (Download Form)

We have extended the deadline to apply! All application materials for each applicant must be submitted through the online application form by 11:59 p.m., November, 19th, 2021 to participate as a Fellow in the 2022 LEAD Academy.

If you are selected, please ensure you can fulfill the program’s requirements and that you have the full support of your Direct Supervisor.

*We strongly encourage all applicants to have all the necessary documents (Letter of Interest, Resume & Supervisor Endorsement Form) ready to upload before starting the application process. You are not able to save your work in the application and come back to it at a later time.

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LEAD Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the in-person sessions held?

  • The first in-person session will held at the CASTA office in Denver. The final session and graduation will be held at the Spring Conference in Colorado Springs.

What happens if we miss a zoom meeting or can’t attend at the time designated?

  • Fellows are expected to commit to attending all sessions to get the full benefit of the program. However, we understand that work and life may get in the way. If a fellow must miss a session, they should let the Donna and Joey know as soon as they can.

What times are the zoom sessions?

  • Zoom session times will be scheduled as group, ensuring that all Fellows are able to attend.

How long are the Zoom Sessions?

  • Each zoom session will last two (2) hours.

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