State Initiatives

CASTA’s unique and effective state-level advocacy initiatives include legislation, cabinet-level policy discussions, and building relationships with like-minded organizations.

Current efforts

 The Colorado General Assembly has provided a very handy look-up tool to find your state legislator’s contact information. Type in your ZIP code and then click on the legislator’s picture for their phone number and email.

Previous Initiatives



  • HB17-1018 – RTA Property Tax Extension extended authority of Regional Transportation Authorities to request mill-levy increases from taxpayers until 2029.
  • SB17-267 Sustainability of Rural Colorado – authorized state to lease-purchase agreements on state facilities totaling $2 billion, equal amounts over four years, beginning FY ’18-19.  CDOT receives $1.8 billion of those proceeds, with the remainder dedicated to controlled maintenance and capital projects on state buildings. At least 10% of CDOT’s proceeds will be dedicated to transit projects.
  •  Co Specialized Occupational Driver License Residency Exemption –  seasonal transit drivers working for Colorado agencies do not need to get a Colorado CDL if they have a CDL in good standing from another state. For more information and details please follow the link below to read the bulletin from the Colorado Department of Revenue.
  • Federal Transit Funds Distribution in ColoradoCASTA Board of Directors and members worked with CDOT to revise the 5310/5311 distribution methodology.  Related documentation as follows:

CDOT’s 5310-and-5311-distribution-methodology

CDOT Q&A responses_09-20-2016

5311/5310 CASTA Meeting Notes (December 12, 2016)

5311 CDOT Subcommittee presentation 12-13-16

5311/5310 CASTA Membership Meeting January 4, 2017

5311 CDOT Sub Cmtte 1-11-16

5311/5310 Membership Meeting Notes 01/18/17





5311 Sub-Committee 4-5 2017

Carol Gustafson Olds, the CDL coordinator for Colorado at the Department of Revenue says that Colorado is not required to fully implement these changes until February 2020.  Further decisions about the timing will come after until after the April CDL coordinators meeting.
  • Statewide Elder and Adult IDD Abuse Reporting Required by Transit Drivers
    A new law was enacted on July 1, 2016 regarding reporting suspected abuse of at-risk elders and adults with IDD. The list of mandatory reporters includes “Employees, contractors and volunteers operating specialized transportation services for at-risk elders and at-risk adults with IDD”.  Follow the link below to read the full statute.




  • First year of transit funding flowed through SB 1 program providing $21.5 million distributed through a competitive statewide grant program.


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