Proposition 110: Let’s Go Colorado!

What is Proposition 110?

CASTA has endorsed Proposition 110, Let’s Go Colorado!  Proposition 110 would increase state sales tax by 0.62% or six cents on a $10 purchase.  Funds raised by the tax will be divided between CDOT, cities, counties and a multimodal fund.  The CASTA board has endorsed this proposition because it will benefit transit agencies in every part of the state.

As a 20 year tax, communities and transit agencies will be able to do long term planning and use the funding where it’s most effective and needed whether that is:

  • hiring more drivers to meet the increasing transportation demands of those aging in place 
  • buying buses or other vehicles or
  • funding a new bus route to connect a town to the regional community college or employment center.  

In addition, the funding that flows to Colorado’s cities and counties from this tax is very flexible, it can be used for used for roads, bridges, sidewalks, bike infrastructure and transit projects.  That allows each community to fund their highest transportation priorities regardless of the mode.

You may also be hearing about proposition 109.  This proposition would create a bonding program for a specific list of highway projects.  CASTA is not supporting this initiative for the following reasons:

  • Transit projects are not eligible for any of the funding.
  • The proposition raises no new funds, the bonding will be paid for out of the state general fund.
  • The money raised is not enough to complete all of the projects on the list.

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