Colorado Election Results

November 13, 2018

The blue wave swept across Colorado Tuesday night, with Democrats winning control of every statewide race and the state legislature for the first time since 1936, defeating incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman, and prevailing in many local races. GOP incumbent Secretary of State Wayne Williams lost, while GOP Congressman Scott Tipton retained his seat. All other congressional incumbents won their contests handily. Colorado saw historic voter turnout with over 2.4 million votes cast, with unaffiliated voters leading the charge.

Voters were in a no mood on tax increases and controversial ballot measures. The Setbacks measure, Prop 112, went down by a huge margin, and Amendment 74 to compensate property owners, also lost. The two transportation measures and the education tax hike were also defeated.

The State Senate flipped to Democrat control 19-16, with Republicans losing key races in Adams and Jefferson counties. The State House has become more Democrat as they picked up seats in Jefferson County and Arapahoe County. Several House races are still too close to call, but Democrats likely have at least a 39-26 majority. Arapahoe County was not immune to the wave. Cole Wist, Republican Assistant Minority Leader lost his House seat.

The Colorado General Assembly will see at least 26 new faces in January. There will be 9 Freshman State Senators, but 4 of those 9 previously served in the House. Out of 65 House members, at least 21 will be new. Leadership elections in the House and Senate will take place on Thursday.

Final election results will be certified on December 5 th .

(winners in bold, incumbent in italics)

Jared Polis (D) 51.59
Walker Stapleton (R) 44.96

Attorney General
Phil Weiser (D) 49.67
George Brauchler (R) 47.48

Secretary of State
Jenna Griswold (D) 50.87
Wayne Williams (R) 46.80

State Treasurer
Dave Young (D) 50.57
Brian Watson (R) 46.88

6 th Congressional District
Jason Crow (D) 53.12
Mike Coffman (R) 44.24

3 rd Congressional District
Diane Mitsch Busch (D) 43.33
Scott Tipton (R) 51.96

Colorado State Senate
DEM 19
REP 16

Colorado State House – several races still too close to call/potential recount
DEM 37 (likely)
REP 28

Ballot Measures

  • Prop 112 “Oil and Gas Setbacks”
    Yes 43.25
    No 56.75
  • Amendment 74 “Compensate Landowners”
    Yes 46.39
    No 53.61
  • Amendment A “Ban Slavery”
    Yes 64.99
    No 35.01
  • Amendment V “21 year-olds run for state legislature”
    Yes 34.91
    No 65.09
  • Amendment W “Judicial Retention”
    Yes 53.27
    No 46.73
  • Amendment X “Industrial Hemp”
    Yes 60.70
    No 3.30
  • Amendment Y “Congressional Reapportionment”
    Yes 71.21
    No 28.79
  • Amendment Z “Legislative Redistricting”
    Yes 70.82
    No 29.18
  • Amendment 73 “Tax Increase for Education”
    Yes 44.53
    No 55.47
  • Amendment 75 “Campaign Finance- Millionaires Rule”
    Yes 33.82
    No 66.18
  • Prop 109 “Bonding for Transportation”
    Yes 38.71
    No 61.29
  • Prop 110 “Increase Taxes for Transportation”
    Yes 40.30
    No 59.70
  • Prop 111 “Payday Lending”
    Yes 76.71
    No 23.29


Written by: Jerry Braden

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